Posted by: David | August 29, 2012

Japanese M.P: “Parental Child Abduction is a custom in Japan”

In Japan, there is no such thing as shared child custody after marriage breakup; an enforceable legal provision is not even made for visitation. Effectively, a mother typically takes her children from their father, moves in with her parents and denies her children access to their dad for the rest of their childhood.

Parental alienation is usually used by both the mother and her parents to destroy any good memories that the children may have of their father, and to ensure that they don’t seek him out again until they are adults.

This is labelled parental child abduction in nearly every developed country in the world. But in Japan it is seen as a “custom”, as Japanese politician and diet member,  Masae Ido recently explained in an Australian Broadcasting Company‘s investigative programme on parental child abduction.

Click here to view this programme,  “Sayonara Baby” in its entirety.

Miss Ido’s short interview, taken from “Sayonara Baby” can be seen below. In it she explains this strange and abusive custom of taking children from their father upon marriage breakdown. In her case she describes how she was kind enough to leave a note for her husband to ease his worries.

The shocking thing about her interview is that she is an educated woman and a Committee Member on Judicial Affairs in the Japanese government.

What hope is there for change in the family law system in Japan with people like Miss Ido involved in government?

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  1. I have been telling people this for ages and they look at me in disbelief as if to say I am making it up. This is the custom and this is what has happened to my son, who I have not seen for 3 years 8months. Jake ,age 7,victim of child abduction.

  2. hi David, when are you coming back to japan?
    My name is Sean and my father is japanese and my mother is Irish. I would love to help you out.

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